Other Services

Neuropsychological Testing

At this time, I am not taking any new testing referrals. I am only taking patients who have been previously tested by me for follow up testing. If you need a referral for another testing provider, please contact my office.

IEP/504 Consultation

Dr. Friedman provides consultation on current IEP or 504 plans. Developing a tailored program for your child’s education is a daunting challenge. Guidance and support through that process can be helpful. Dr. Friedman offers consultation to parents on the development of scientifically-sound educational and social-emotional plans that stand the best chance of providing the necessary support, resources, and services for your child to develop effective skills and experience academic success.Dr. Friedman is not a special education Advocate. Advocates have special training in the educational code, laws, and regulations. Dr. Friedman is there to advise and consult on how to best support your child in the educational setting.

Records Review Consultation

In some circumstances, patients and/or their family acquire many reports, documents, and a variety of professional information that can be very complex, confusing and sometimes misleading. Dr. Friedman can review professional documentation in order to provide a succinct summary of the information and offer recommendations.

Professional Consultation/Supervision

Dr. Friedman is available to provide education and/or consultation for other professionals such as mental health providers, medical providers, and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Friedman can conduct specialized trainings or educate on specific topics. Dr. Friedman enjoys educating schools and medical offices on child anxiety, stress, and depression. Dr. Friedman is also able to provide training in empirically supported treatments for clinics or individual providers that would like to enhance their services.

Tele-therapy for OCD, Anxiety, and related issues

Dr. Friedman also offers therapy via clinical video teleconferencing to clients with OCD and related anxiety-based conditions. Telephone and webcam-based therapy can be cost-effective.