Therapy services can take many forms. Careful assessment of the specific issues will allow me to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you or your child. 


Individual therapy typically occurs weekly for 50-60 minutes per session.  We will generate goals for therapy and spend your sessions working toward achieving those goals using techniques that have been supported by research. As we get closer to achieving your goals, session typically start shifting to every 2-3 weeks until we complete our identified goals. Patients check in periodically for booster sessions to insure progress and the generalization of tools to other areas of life.

As a first step, I have all clients undergo an initial diagnostic evaluation.  This process typically takes between one to three visits (first visit is 90 min).  During these visits, I get to know you, and you get to know me.  I assess current and past psychiatric symptoms and also ask about your history.  This allows us to develop a comprehensive understanding of you so that I can create a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

Effective treatment of anxiety often requires home or community-based sessions in order to address anxiety and avoidance where it arises. We can conduct an initial assessment in the home when severe anxiety prevents travel to my office. Home or community-based (e.g., shopping centers, schools, public transportation facilities, airplanes) sessions may also be warranted when in-office replications of frightening situations are inadequate. Travel time is billed at the standard rate.

Symptoms can impact not only the person experiencing them but their family members too. In therapy, I will teach family members how to respond to and deal with the family member or child who is experiencing anxiety. Therapy is collaborative and focuses on skill building and communication.  I emphasize education and understanding and coach family members on how best to respond to the identified problem. Family sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or internet (such as VSee), or session in the home, when needed.


Groups can often be a nice alternative therapy option that can offer social support, lower cost therapy, and a place that can promote growth and motivation. Groups are frequently updated, check back for new group options.

Anxious Teens Group
Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, this group focuses on helping teens manage their anxiety more effectively by developing a healthier relationship with their anxiety and taking action toward their goals and values. This group will start in September 2018; please call or email for further details.

Parenting Anxious Kids and Teens Group
Cutting edge CBT techniques for parents. Each group focuses on one topic related to parenting anxious kids and teens and the rest of the group is focused on application of techniques, social support, and questions. This group is offered monthly, please call or email for details. Next Group will be in September 2018. 

Anxious Kids Group
This is group is not currently active. If you are interested in this group please let us know and we will put your name on our list.